We Are 'Ohana-Songs of Hope Program


We Are 'Ohana-Songs of Hope Program

The problem of substance abuse and addiction has spread across Hawai'i and the mainland U.S. Its devastating effect on many families and individuals has negatively impacted rural and urban communities. All economic, ethnic, and age groups have been drawn into this web of addiction.

The We Are 'Ohana-Songs of Hope Program was created to carry a positive message of hope and recovery to the people of Hawai'i through music, dance and other artistic endeavors. The program incorporates the talents of Hawaiian musicians and creative fine artists in mentoring and positive role model capacities.

This program addresses the issue of substance abuse and addiction in three phases; the recording of a CD of inspiring uplifting music; outreach to schools, treatment centers and correctional facilities; and a youth program called A.C.T. (Action-Community-Teens) that motivates teens to implement positive service-learning activities in their community.

"Your Heart Will Lead You Home" - We Are`Ohana -Songs of Hope CDhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkK6AUst7b8

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