Earth-Friendly Schools Hawai'i

Earth-Friendly Schools Hawai'i

Earth-Friendly Schools Hawai`i is an educational program that was created on the island of Kaua'i in 1993 to instill an 'environmental ethic' into the lives of our youth. Through service-learning projects and other endeavors, students make a difference in the quality of life in their community and learn invaluable skills along the way.

Program participants are challenged to demonstrate respect and responsibility for the well being of their local and global environment. This is accomplished through projects that promote The 10 R's: Respect, Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Recreate, Respond, Remind, Research, Realize, Revere. The program acknowledges 'Earth-Friendly Schools' for the completion of activities with a Certificate of Recognition. Bringing attention to these designated Earth-Friendly Schools has inspired others to take action thereby fostering a network of informed students committed to serving their community and protecting their environment.

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Students clean beach for Earth-Friendly Schools Program.

In 2007 a partnership was formed between Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace and Recycle Hawai`i. This partnership has broadened the outreach of the program especially on the island of Hawai`i where Recycle Hawai`i is located.

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