Caring for the Earth Month - A Billion Acts of Green'


Caring for the Earth Month - 'A Billion Acts of Green'

In April 2010, we partnered with Recycle Hawai`i in sponsoring Caring for the Earth Month -'A Billion Acts of Green'. The project celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day and supports the Earth Day Network in promoting a worldwide education, action and media campaign connecting millions of individuals and catalyzing 'A Billion Acts of Green'.

Events were held around the world. There was Global Days of Service (April 17th and 18th, 2010) with millions of volunteers around the world cleaning parks and beaches, planting trees, participating in recycling projects. All of thisĀ helped to generate 'A Billion Acts of Green'.

On April 22, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, world citizens commemorated a Global Day of Action by demanding a binding global climate change agreement from their governments. On April 25th, 2010, a Global Day of Celebration honored and celebrated the contributions of volunteers and the commitment of millions of people to protect the environment.

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