"See the Flame  - Music for Human Rights Hilo, Hawai`i - Kumanu, an innovative music group from the island of Hawai'i, has released a new CD entitled See the Flame. Kumanu’s global fusion music is the driving force of this recording and their message comes through loud and clear. It is vibrant music with a positive take on a world facing global environmental and social problems. See the Flame was recorded in support of the work of Amnesty International and to promote the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. See the Flame carries on the vision of Kumanu to address issues that affect our local and global community.  In 2004 Kumanu released the CD We Are `Ohana-Songs of Hope to support others in Hawai`i who were working on the treatment and prevention of substance abuse and addiction. We Are 'Ohana was highly acclaimed and local music critic John Burnett stated, "It is the best written, conceived and produced pop CD recorded to date on the Big Island.  In 2007 the group released Earth Patriot that spoke about our collective responsibility to protect the earth and to address global problems such as climate change, hunger and war. In April 2008 music from Earth Patriot was played at Earth Day events across the country. Kumanu strongly believes that music can be a catalyst for change and empowerment. They believe that See the Flame can help motivate others to take action in the cause of justice and human rights. “As a member of Amnesty International I am honored to be involved with the recording of See the Flame,” said Howard Shapiro executive producer for the CD.  “I have been writing and recording music for over 30 years about issues such as human rights.  I believe that our country should live up to its ideals concerning the human rights of our citizens and those around the world.” Copies of See the Flame have been sent to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and to Amnesty International offices around the world.  Copies of See the Flame have also been sent to schools in Hawai`i to share with students the importance of learning about human right issues. It is the sincere hope of Kumanu that music from See the Flame will be used to inspire others to take action in the cause of justice and freedom and that the music from the CD will be shared at events around the world on December 10, 2008, the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For more information about ordering Kumanu’s See the Flame CD or scheduling performances of Kumanu, please phone 808.985.8725, e-mail artpeace@hawaiiantel.net or visit www.artistsandpeace.org. ***** See the Flame Lyrics: http://www.artistsandpeace.org/publicfiles/See_The_Flame_Lyrics_Update_0915081.doc  ”
  What Others Are Saying About See the Flame" The See the Flame CD was a “big hit” at our regional conference in Memphis.  We sold copies at the conference and I recently gave other copies at a panel discussion that I had in Memphis on Friday. I would love to send copies to the other regional offices.” Adiyah Ali, Field Organizer Southern Region Amnesty International USA  “Thank you for your amazing CD!” Sergio Laurenti, Executive Director - Amnesty International  - Chile  “Great job! The music was very inspiring to us as people who are working on uman rights issues. We enjoyed listening to it again and again.” Ayelet Levy,  Campaigner, AI Taiwan  “Thank you for sending this my way - and for all your hard work and support of  human rights.  It is very rewarding and powerful for us to have such friends in the artistic community!” Jared Feuer, Amnesty International - Managing Director of the Southern and Western Regional Offices  “Thank you Howard. This is wonderful!” Walesa Kanarek Amnesty International USA - WEST - Field Organizer - Northern CA, HI, ID, OR, WA, AS, GU  “See the Flame is an inspirational album that communicates vital and positive messages. I also really enjoyed playing the CD and being taken away to the islands of Hawai`i through the music. Tracie Morrow, Public Affairs Director - Youth for Human Rights International  “Thank you so much for your wonderful music. You are such graceful and strong communicators of aloha.  I will be happy to share your CD with my brother when he visits Hawai`i.” Maya Soetoro-Ng, President Barack Obama’s sister  "This song has a lovely Adult Contemporary sound.  The song is clearly meant to be heard worldwide as its lyrics are meaningful and significant on a global scale."   Review by ‘Taxi’ one of the world’s leading A & R companies  ”
  “Young Hip Hop Artists Bust da Moves”   Hilo, Hawaii – Students from schools and dance studios around Hawai`i Island dazzled an enthusiastic audience at the Earth Patriot Hip Hop Music and Dance Concert held Saturday, January 17 at Hilo's Palace Theater. The free concert celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and promoted The National Day of Service. In addition to performing, students were encouraged to commit to a service project in their community as well as to help those less fortunate by bringing canned goods and other non-perishable items to the concert. Using 'positive conscious rap' music by artists such as NAS, Common, Sudden Rush, Kumanu and I. A., the performers represented the High School of the Pacific, Waimea Middle School, Honoka'a High-Intermediate, N2 Dance Studio and Cataclysm.  Leilehua Yuen, who did the opening oli, was very impressed: "Those kids were just amazing! Well-known O'ahu hip hop artist I. A. acted as emcee and performed some of his award winning music.  In addition, awesome performances were given by Ace Espejo and 'Bolo' and a sensational impromptu encore with Bolo and I.A. sent the audience into a frenzy. Artistically integrated into the show were clips from the movie 'Rize', featuring young hip hop dancers from inner city LA sharing their compelling story of how they overcame gang violence through perseverance and mutual support to become world class hip hop dancers. Segments of Dr King's “I Have A Dream" speech were also shown, reminding the mostly young audience of the significance of the day's event in the context of America's long, painful struggles with equality and justice for all. In addition to promoting the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the concert supported efforts of The Food Basket (Hawai`i Island Food Bank) to feed Hawai`i Island families", said Howard Shapiro, Executive Director of Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace (PFAWP).  Roberta DeMotta, Director of The Food Basket commented on the importance of partnering with events and organizations such as this in order to raise awareness about hunger and the importance of good nutrition in our communities. Cindy Navarro Bowman, teacher at Honoka`a High-Intermediate said her students hugged and thanked her for bringing them.  "Teachers often don't get that kind of appreciation, at least that way", she said.  "They told us they really wanted to participate again next year. Michal Anna Carrillo, dance teacher at Waimea Middle School said, "These kids had an awesome experience and loved the opportunity not only to perform for a live Palace Theatre audience, but to meet an artist as talented as I.A.". She added that the event opened peoples' hearts and minds to peace, a genuine tribute to Dr. King. For his part, I. A. had this to say: "Mahaloz for this opportunity. Ya know, who would of thought Hip Hop culture could have such an impact in Hawai'i, a place almost completely the opposite of NYC where it was birthed. I was proud to be part of this Hilo event cuz it displayed the positive message that hip hop possesses, especially in a time when it's stereotyped in such a narrow, negative way. Hip Hop is very much alive in Hilo, Hawai`i ". The concert was a joint project of the Artists in Action for Human Rights Program, sponsored by PFAWP and Amnesty International, one of the leading human rights organizations in the world. Adiyah Ali, Field Organizer for the Amnesty USA's Southern Regional Office, was an enthusiastic supporter of the Hilo event. Amnesty International is honored to partner with Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace (PFAWP) using human rights education as a tool to bring about positive change, especially as the world celebrates the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights", said Ali.  "We join Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace in honoring Dr. King's legacy as one of the world's great human rights leaders and defenders. Booths in the Palace lobby included the Food Basket, Hawai`i Island United Way, Recycle Hawai`i, Big Island Dance Council, United Nations Association Hawai`i Chapter and Truth 2 Youth.  Major sponsors for the concert were Recycle Hawai'i, The Big Island Dance Council, KHBC Radio, Peck Tunes, Perryscope Records, The Palace Theater and Kumanu Music. The Earth Patriot Hip Hop Music and Dance Concert was an alcohol and drug free event funded in part by a Healing Our Island Community Fund grant, administered by the Hawai'i County Resource Center. For more information contact Howard Shapiro at  808.985-8725 or e-mail him at artpeace@hawaiiantel.net. Earth Patriot Hip Hop Poster:   http://www.artistsandpeace.org/publicfiles/EP_Concert_Poster_31.pdf Earth Patriot Hip Hop Program: http://www.artistsandpeace.org/publicfiles/Hip_Hop_Program_011209.pdf  ”